Feb 21 2012

TDOT watching crack in Hwy. 127 on Signal Mountain

TDOT workers assess the damage to US 127 caused by heavy rains in 2009

Officials with TDOT say that a cracked section of pavement on U.S. Highway 127 on Signal Mountain will be patched and monitored over the next few months. 

The crack is located near the same area where the road fell off into the gorge back in December 2009 due to heavy rains, resulting in closure of the road for several days.

“Nothing is settling; everything is OK,” TDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn told the Chattanooga Times Free Press last week after maintenance crews inspected the area near Palisades Drive that runs between a massive rock face and a sheer drop to the Tennessee River.

A new TDOT study says U.S. 127 between Suck Creek Road and Palisades Drive “has been experiencing a significant degradation for several years resulting in large rockslides, roadway failures and traffic delays” and “contains one of the 10 most hazardous rock fall sites in the state of Tennessee.”


Information from: Chattanooga Times Free Press


  1. John

    You would think with all the brass and money that lives up on that mountain that if TDOT didn’t want to take proper care of the road somebody with the last name “Lupton” might do it! Just saying…

  2. Sam

    Set it and forget it! TDOT lives up to the Ronco way of doing things! They’ll patch that crack and let it sit (monitor it? yeah…right!) and crack again until the road itself falls off into the river! This is how our state highway department works!

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