Feb 07 2013

Five Local Schools Receive Coordinated School Health Mini-Grants

JASPER, Tenn. — Carol Bailey, director of Coordinated School Health for Marion County Schools, would like to congratulate Whitwell Elementary, Whitwell High School, Jasper Middle, South Pittsburg Elementary and Monteagle schools for receiving mini grants from CSH. The Healthy Teams at each school were responsible for submitting applications based on the results of their school’s School Health Index Survey and the 8 components of Coordinated School Health. The 8 components of Coordinated School Health are:

*Healthy and Safe School Environment
*Comprehensive Health Education for grades K-12
*Physical Education and Activity
*Nutrition Services
*School Health Services
*School Counseling, Psychological and Social Services
*Student, Family and Community Involvement in Schools
*Health Promotion for School Staff

The teams chose one or more of the 8 modules that best addressed the needs of the students at their schools. Once the needs were assessed, the teams developed a School Health Improvement Action Plan. By taking steps to implement each action, the teams created a budget, decide on target dates to accomplish goals and assigned responsible people tasks for completing the Plan. The components chosen by the schools were School Counseling, Physical Education and Physical Activity, Staff Wellness and Student, Family and Community Involvement. Materials were provided to support the specific needs requested for each school.
Coordinated School Health is an effective system designed to connect health with academics. Students’ health and their capacity to learn are enhanced through the support of families, communities and schools who work together. Educators in Marion County know students must be healthy to be educated and must be educated to be healthy.

Congratulations to the schools for strengthening academics by improving student’s health!


Whitwell High School Recipients


Whitwell Elementary Recipients


Monteagle Elementary Recipients


Jasper Middle Recipients


South Pittsburg Elementary Recipients