Apr 15 2014

Tennessee’s override of local bans of ‘guns in parks’ fails

NASHVILLE, TN — A bill seeking to do away with city and county governments’ power to ban firearms in parks, playgrounds and ball fields has failed for the year.

The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Tilman Goins of Morristown did not emerge from the House Finance Subcommittee before the panel closed for the year on Monday night.

The Legislature in 2009 gave city and county governments the ability to opt out of a new law that allowed people with state-issued handgun carry permits to bring their firearms into state and local parks.

The Senate passed its version of the bill to eliminate that local control on 26-7 vote in February. But the House version got caught up on the bill’s estimated $38,000 price tag.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam was among the bill’s opponents.


Information from: Associated Press

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  1. tonto

    Governor Haslam, killed Open Carry, via his State Safety Director, before the House was set to vote on the measure.
    On the vote for carry by Citizens in Parks etc it seems his hand is there too.
    Haslam won based on his pro Second Amendment assurances.
    Perhaps the ties to Bloomberg have not been entirely cut.
    It’s sad when elected officials take the authority to deny Citizens their Second Amendment Right. Some feel it is them verses us, like the ex Police Commissioner of NY City, who laughs about men hunters. That they even feel they have the right to deny basic Rights to People is frightening. No one would have voted for anyone, knowing this. In Arizona etc I observed many people exercising their right by carrying openly. there was no OK Coral. No one was alarmed. They don’t trust the Citizens. their Right is denied. the Citizens are a danger?

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