Apr 28 2014

WEATHER: Marion and surrounding counties under Tornado Watch through later tonight


Marion County and several other surrounding counties in Tennessee and North Alabama are now under a Tornado Watch until 7:00pm CDT / 8:00pm EDT tonight.

Tennessee counties covered under the watch include:

  • Bledsoe County, TN
  • Bradley County, TN
  • Hamilton County, TN
  • Marion County, TN
  • McMinn County, TN
  • Meigs County, TN
  • Monroe County, TN
  • Polk County, TN
  • Rhea County, TN
  • Sequatchie County, TN

And in Alabama…

  • De Kalb County, AL
  • Jackson County, AL

A low pressure system and associated cold front will approach the area from the Mississippi River Valley this afternoon causing atmospheric instability and a continual flow of moisture through tonight.  As a result, showers and storms are expected to develop —  some storms possibly becoming severe throughout the area.

The timing of the storms expected to affect our area is as follows…

  • Monday afternoon and early evening:  Scattered storms, mostly non-severe
  • Monday late through early morning Tuesday:  Solid line of strong to severe storms start on the Cumberland Plateau around 9:00pm CDT, moving through the Marion County area by 10:00-11:00pm CDT, Chattanooga metro area by Midnight EDT, and finally ending over western North Carolina by daybreak.
  • Tuesday morning and afternoon:  Cloudy with showers.
  • Tuesday evening into early Wednesday:  Storms redevelop, severe storms are possible.

Primary concerns during the overnight hours tonight include damaging straight-line winds, isolated tornadoes, localized Flash Flooding, and large hail.

Our area remains at a Slight Risk — up to a 15% chance of a tornado within 25 miles of any point — from Monday evening until early Tuesday.  We will also be under slight risk Tuesday evening into early Wednesday.ght Risk for entire viewing area

Currently, All Tennessee counties are under a Flood Watch  from 7:00pm CDT tonight through 7:00am CDT Wednesday.

Northern Alabama (including Jackson and DeKalb Counties) are under a Flash Flood Watch until 7:00am CDT Tuesday.

According to the National Weather Service a storm is classified as severe if it produces any one or all of the following:

  • Hail of 1″+ in diameter
  • Winds of 58 mph+
  • A tornado

If a WATCH is issued this means conditions are favorable for severe storm or tornado development in the very near future. If a WARNING is issued this means a severe storm or tornado has been indicated on radar or spotted on the ground and is heading your way. Seek shelter immediately if a WARNING is issued for your area.

Don’t panic, just be prepared! If you have a NOAA weather radio be sure the alert mode is in the ON position. If you don’t have a NOAA weather radio they can usually be found locally at Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, CVS, and other stores selling small electronics and home goods. Buy one with battery back-up and put fresh batteries in it in case you lose power during a storm.

Stay with your LOCAL media during severe weather situations… MarionCountyMessenger.com and our team of meteorolgists will be following the latest on our Facebook page and via Twitter.