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‘Dressing room’ violation leads to investigation and expulsion at Jasper Middle School

An investigation is now underway by the Marion County Shools regarding an incident that happened recently at Jasper Middle School involving inappropriate videotaping of a student by another student.

Marion County Director of Schools, Dr. Mark Griffith, told WRCB-TV in an interview that it involved a girl videotaping another girl in a restroom at the school, while she was apparently re-dressing.

Griffith said that the student taking the video has been suspended for 365-days pending a disciplinary hearing committee review.

He says he was made aware of the video and contacted the student’s parents about the videotaping. Other parents along with the student who did the videotaping were questioned.

Griffith says the school along with officials at the system’s central office have handled the investigation.

No names of the students involved have been released due to their age and to further protect their privacy.

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