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Comment Policy

Users must supply an email address and name before submitting a comment, on articles.  Your information is strictly confidential and is not sold and/or used for any purpose.

The info is required in order to validate comment authenticity and to avoid spam or solicitations that are not wanted on the website.

User comments on an Article are open for at least 30 days after initial publication.

User comments do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of MarionCountyMessenger.com, its editors or contributors.

MarionCountyMessenger.com reserves the right to use, display and/or remove comments at its discretion.

A comment may be removed if it consists of, or contains, any of the following:

  • Personal threats, attacks or abusive language.
  • Vulgar, profane or obscene language.
  • Racist, sexist or homophobic epithets.
  • Off-topic content not related to the post it was submitted under.
  • Thread spam.
  • Advertisements, excessive hyperlinks or press releases.
  • Shouting, or typing in all caps.

MarionCountyMessenger.com reserves the rights to post an Article that is closed for discussion (no comments allowed).

MarionCountyMessenger.com reserves the right to ban users from its comment forums.

This policy is subject to change.  Any change in the comment policy or comment system will be preceded by one week’s notice on this page.


Why does MarionCountyMessenger.com have a comment policy?
  • Our goal is to promote good, robust conversation around published stories and the issues raised therein. The comment policy is a framework to ensure that end.
Who moderates MarionCountyMessenger.com’s comment forums?
  • MarionCountyMessenger.com’s Editorial Staff, Publisher, and Staff Writers reserve the right to moderate comments based on the criteria listed above.
Why was my comment removed?
  • It may violate our comment policy. Vulgar language, personal attacks, off-topic and spam are the most frequent offenses.
Does MarionCountyMessenger.com censor opinions it doesn’t agree with?
  • No. Comments are moderated based solely on their adherence to the comment policy. We welcome and encourage differing opinions, voices and ideas.
How do I keep my comments from being moderated?
  • Stay on topic. Avoid vulgar language. Be respectful of other individuals.
What if I don’t agree with the comment policy?
  • Sorry, the comment policy is non-negotiable or open for debate.
How do I ask a question about the comment policy that wasn’t answered here?