cold weather

Pre-Thanksgiving “Winter Weather” a possibility for Sequatchie Valley

A very tricky forecast is in the cards for the Sequatchie Valley. An upper level low pressure system is expected to move eastward across TX and into the Southeast US. As this occurs, a surface low pressure system will develop along the Gulf [...]

Meteorologist Robert Frye: Latest Forecast and Severe Weather Synopsis

A cold front is currently stretched from the Great Lakes region down to Arkansas. Along and ahead of the cold front, a squall line has developed in MO and AR already and broken lines of storms has been observed on radar further south. I expect [...]

Meteorologist Robert Frye: Why Marion County has severe weather in winter months

With the threat for Severe Weather coming in around midweek, most are probably wondering why we are getting bad weather during the winter months. A common misconception many have here in the Sequatchie Valley is that severe weather occurs primarily [...]

Meteorologist Robert Frye: Winter Weather Outlook for Friday, Jan. 25th, 2013

Forecast guidance has been very consistent with the threat for freezing rain Friday. What has not been as consistent is how much icing will occur. Confidence is high that we will see some icing, especially on elevated surfaces. Ground temperatures [...]

OPINION: Can you say “Huh”?

Now I never made any claim to be the smartest person on Earth, but some things would have to leave Stephen Hawking scratching his head. Republicans claim to be the party of family values. For that reason it is understandable that when several [...]

OPINION: They’ve lost touch

As I watch the Republican debates, (I guess we’re up to 1,497 now?) it occurred to me that everyone of these guys (and one gal) is so out of touch with the rest of us here on Earth. I honestly don’t think I can really support any [...]

OPINION: Occupy Movement is like a bunch of brat kids

Why does the ‘Occupy Movement’ think they need to actually and physically occupy? Is it because their name says so? If so they should immediately change it to something else. Anything really. The fact they feel the need to occupy really [...]

OPINION: Herman Cain on Abortion

Well, in last weeks Republican debate (What is this? Number 846 now?), Herman Cain really stirred it up when he said that he was against abortion even in cases of rape. Help me understand something…why is abortion even a political issue [...]

Luther Masingill Honored for 70 years of Broadcasting

The longest-running broadcaster in the history of the world keeps adding to his record each day, and his longtime employer got him to slow down just long enough to take a bow. Luther Masingill began his unprecedented career at the microphone [...]

Debt Ceiling: A Letter To Congressman Fleischmann

The following is a letter I sent to congressman Chuck Fleischmann… Dear Rep. Fleischmann, At first I was seriously against raising tge debt ceiling. I am still against it, but for different reasons than before. At first I thought spending [...]