Luther Masingill Honored for 70 years of Broadcasting

The longest-running broadcaster in the history of the world keeps adding to his record each day, and his longtime employer got him to slow down just long enough to take a bow. Luther Masingill began his unprecedented career at the microphone [...]

Logan Carmichael: Snow and Social Networking

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we all survived the Blizzard of ’93.  Then it was the Ice Storm of ’96. I remember well where I was for both of those winter events, as do most of you reading this.  Today as the [...]

Remembering a Music Legend and Pop Icon

Imagine thirty years.  To some of us it doesn’t seem like such a long time ago.  To others it is history.  Thirty years ago today was the day we lost a legend in the music industry and  one of the greatest pop icons ever.  Thirty [...]