Continued Rain Causes Flooding and Closes Local Schools

Weather conditions across the United States have definitely  been interesting over the past few weeks, with no exception to that rule for residents here in the Sequatchie Valley.  After ... Continue Reading →

TEMA declares “State of Emergency” for Tennessee

NASHVILLE  — The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency in Nashville (TEMA) has declared a State of Emergency for the state on Tuesday, January 15th. This is a Level 3 Declaration ... Continue Reading →

Region Still Dealing with Flooding After the Rains

Three days of steady rain has brought local creeks past flood stage and left much of the region under flood warnings.  Areas of Tennessee, Georgia and North Alabama are all dealing ... Continue Reading →

Flash Flooding, Cooler Weather, and Possible Snow Flurries

Heavy rains across the area the past two days have resulted in several flood watches from the National Weather Service.  The weather has also forced several school systems in our ... Continue Reading →

Storm Damage Minimal to County; Other Areas Hit Hardest

After the storms Wednesday afternoon and evening, many Marion County residents are thankful that they escaped the worst of the storms and the damage seen by others in neighboring cities ... Continue Reading →

Flooding in Marion County

After several days of heavy rainfall, flooding has occurred across the entire Marion County area.  Flooding along the banks of the Sequatchie and Tennessee Rivers is already taking ... Continue Reading →

Meteorologist Robert Frye: Flooding Possible With Heavy Rains

A low pressure system is expected to lift north of the area for Wednesday. A trailing cold front will extend southward from the low and position west of the area through Wednesday. ... Continue Reading →