Nearby Stevenson, AL can now “have it their way” at the new Burger King

Brandon Thompson stands with sign on site of new Stevenson, AL Burger King (Photo: City of Stevenson, AL Facebook)

Brandon Thompson stands with sign on site of new Stevenson, AL Burger King (Photo: City of Stevenson, AL Facebook)

Folks in Stevenson, Alabama will soon be able to “Have it their way” as a new Burger King location will be opening there soon.

Many rumors have circulated as to what actually would be coming to the piece of commercial property located next to the McDonald’s on US 72 near Bank Street. Word came several months ago that a Burger King would be opening there, but the official announcement as well as the start of any construction took a bit longer than franchise owners anticipated citing that they planned to already be open and serving customers by now.

The City of Stevenson, AL posted a picture of Brandon Thompson with Burger King in Stevenson on Facebook this past Friday showing a sign they’ve erected on the site to let passers-by know what’s coming to the location.

Burger King, headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, began in 1953 as Insta-Burger King later dropping the “Insta” part of their name and restructuring for better business management along the way has been a major and direct competitor to the McDonald’s since the so-called “Burger Wars” began in the late 1970s. In the days since, Burger King has fared quite well in the markets it serves. At the end of fiscal year 2015, BK reported it had over 15,000 outlets in 100 countries; of these, 47.5% are in the United States and 99.5% are privately owned and operated with its new owners moving to an almost entirely franchised model in 2013.

Some of the newer Burger King menu items many say have an appeal for a younger audience such as the Chicken Fries, the Angry Burger and the Mac n’ Cheetos, which debuted earlier this month. Another popular item, with a more universal appeal is the grilled hot dog. And, of course, there’s the ever-popular Whopper sandwich, (hold the tomato, if you like — it’s your way, after all!).

Officials expect to begin the first stage of construction soon with an opening date announced later. The nearest current Burger King locations to Marion County, TN include locations in Chattanooga,  Winchester, Tullahoma, and Scottsboro, AL.


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