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Kimball Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting 8/11/16 recap

Here’s a recap of the Kimball Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting on 8/11/16 recap… You can watch the re-play of this meeting and several other local area meetings on Saturday, Aug. 13th, on KWN-TV on Charter channel 195 in Marion County.
Public Hearing on Ordinance #241: to adopt the 2009 Edition of the IEC Code with the exception of lower Door Test and Duct Tightness Test and to Acknowledge and adopt 2016 TN Public Chapter #378 and Section 68-120 elimination sprinkler system requirements for townhouses. No objections from the audience.
Public hearing closed.
After prayer, pledge to flag, roll call and approval of minutes, Mayor Rex Presnell asked each Alderman if they had any old business — all said no.
  • 3rd and final reading on Ordinance #241 (on above) -Passed
  • 1st reading of Ordinance 243- Amend annual operating budget and capital program for fiscal year 2016-2017- Passed
  • Resolution 2016-08- Encourage the TN Dept.of Transportation to approve and allocate funding for widening State Route 2 through the Town of Kimball, TN- Mayor Pesnell has been working on this and is not ready to ask for vote- Tabled to next meeting
  • Local planning assistance for FY 2016-2017 in the amount of $7,500 with Southeast TN Development District – Approved
  • Renewal of Annual Premium $4,296 to First Volunteer  Ins and Darwin National Assurance Co. Public Officials Management and Employment Practices Liability- extending expiration to 8/20/2017 – Approved
  • 2016 Donation to Greater Jasper Jaycees for $1,000 – Approved
  • 2016 donation to St. Jude for $1,000 – Approved
  • 2016 donation to Marion Co. Library Board for $400 – Approved
  • Pay the bill from Stringfellow, Inc. for the repair of garbage truck for $4,191.84 – Approved to pay.
  • Give Mayor Presnell authority to sign the Pool Swim statement of Proof and Loss for damage to dugout roof for $5,850.00 with $1,000 deductible. City receiving $4,850.00 and paying that to STH and Assoc. for the repairs- Approved
  • Discussion of Health Insurance — Mayor Pesnell says city is with State plan now. If they wanted to go with another company and then later go back to the state plan, it would take 2 yrs. for coverage. – Voted to stay with State.
  • Approved the purchase of gun racks and installation into patrol cars in the amount up to $4,000.
  • Alder Matthews asked if there was 2 police officers on duty at all times. Mayor Presnell said they try to see that two officers are always on duty. Alderman Sisk stated no officer should be on duty alone even if it’s at cost to the city, stating he would rather pay more money than to have a life lost. Mayor Presnell said all 3 towns and county back each other up.
  • Police report by Alderman Jerry Don Case
    • Litigation tax and training fees -$177; Court cost-$858 ; Fines- $80; Report fees- $70; Sessions court- $587.57–Total—$1,772.57
  • Fire report by Alderman John Sisk
    • Responded to 7 calls
  • Park Board report by Alderman Johnny Matthews
    • Discussed ball tournaments and ways to get more at complex
    • Discussed South Pittsburg continuing to use fields
    • Discussed a dog park or water activity for next grant application
  • Planning Commission report by Alderman Jerry Don Case
    • Final platt for Thomas Howard Subdivision was approved
    • Rezoning request for 1030 Main Street from C2 to R2- no action taken on this due to no adjoining R2 zone.
  • No sewer report
  • No Attorney report

New Business:

  • Mayor Pesnell says sales tax is up
  • Governor Haslam has awarded the Town of Kimball a parks and recreational fun grant for $138,000 based on application score. It is a 50/50 grant meaning Kimball has to match it. It will be used to update play ground at the barn, add a storage facility at the ball field complex, and add a small restroom at soccer field and if enough left pave roads in park.
  • City has the option to buy the ice machine at the park that’s been previously rented. Priced to buy is $1,800 – Approved to buy.
  • Concerned citizen asked if city could do something about resident Joe Bynum’s property — stating that it looks very bad. Atty. Gouger says city could send letter to owner to clean it up. Mayor asked attorney to explore their options and report back at next meeting.
Watch KWN-TV on Charter Cable channel 195 this Saturday morning to see this meeting and several other local area meetings replayed on TV for you.
Reported by Sheila Kennedy.


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