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Grundy Sheriff issues warning to would-be clown pranksters

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum has issued a stern but fair warning in the form of a Public Service Announcement to any would-be pranksters or troublemakers planning to dress as a clown and incite panic in his jurisdiction.

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office received two calls last night regarding someone dressed up in a clown suit in the Lankford Town Rd area of Tracy City as well as the Plainview Rd area.

Those calls were answered and cleared as unfounded. We are aware that there have been similar type incidents being reported in the news and on social media in various locations throughout the country.

For these reasons, the sheriff’s office wishes to advise the public that any incident of this nature reported will be taken seriously and will result in criminal charges for the person/persons found to be responsible.

Also note that any individual responsible for falsely reporting a “sighting” will also be prosecuted criminally. Also be advised that in addition to being criminally prosecuted, dressing in any type of costume and attempting to chase, lure, or cause fear with any person or group of people is very dangerous and could result in serious injury or death.

Finally, you have to be an absolute idiot to dress up like a “scary clown” and run around Grundy County scaring people. If you are thinking about doing this, you better think again. If you have done this, don’t call the Sheriff’s Office when you scare someone and they snatch up your clown hind-end.

-Sheriff Clint Shrum

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