Kimball Board of Mayor & Alderman Meeting Recap (Sept. 2016)

Here’s a recap of the Kimball Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting for September 2016… You can watch the re-play of this meeting and several other local area meetings on Saturdays on KWN-TV on Charter channel 195 in Marion County.

Meeting called to order:

After Prayer, pledge to flag, roll call and approval of previous meetings

Alderman John Matthews ask about having 2 police officers on duty at same time. An incident that happened on a recent Sunday night was discussed where only one officer was on duty. Mayor Pesnell said the County Deputy’s were there because they were in pursuit. Leaders plan to have a workshop on hiring another officer.

  • Second and final reading on Ordinance #243 – Amending Annual Budget for year 2016-2017 — APPROVED
  • Mayor Pesnell asked for approval to pay $250,000.00 toward principal of loan at First Jackson Bank, which was obtained for new Chattanooga State Building — APPROVED
  • Discussed paving roads in Kimball, have $75,000 in paving account. Looked at four roads needing sections paved — APPROVED to put out for bids.
  • Resolution 2016-08 – joint resolution to request State of Tennessee widen State Route 2/U.S. Hwy 72/64/41 between Jasper, Kimball and Marion County — APPROVED
  • Soccer coaches – 17 coaches submitted. 11 have passed background checks with 6 still pending — APPROVED on contingent all 17 pass background checks.
  • $400 donation to Marion County Fair was APPROVED.
  • Needing a vehicle for maintenance/park depts.. Mayor Pesnell went to Battle Creek Powersports to check on Polaris Ranger for $9,850. Alderman Matthews checked with John Deere and could get one for $8,000.00. Mike, a member of maintenance, would prefer the Polaris. After a long discussion-Vote was 3 for and 2 against

Police Report:
Litigation fee – $29.50; court cost- $183.50; Fines-$70.00; Report fee-$42.00; Session court-$432.25… Total: $757.25

Fire Report:

4 calls: Investigation at China Buffet; 1-rescue; 1-vehicle fire; 1-smoking vehicle

No park board meeting

Planning Commission Report:

  • Platt for Marion Farms Phase I was approved
  • Oppose amendment to subdivision regulations-discussion only

Sewer Report:
Looked into sound waves of sewer instead of a camera — not sure if TN will accept it.

Attorney Report:
Regarding property from last month that was an eyesore for the city…The attorney says the owner has a health problem. Committee voted to mow yard and clean up and put a lien on property.


  • Sales tax is up
  • City court will be Sept. 6 at 5:00p.m.
  • Sanitation Dept. will run Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016

From those in attendance:

  • Robert Gudger says on Aug. 18th he had a man pull a gun on him. He called 911. He came to Kimball City Hall and door was locked. A policeman was sitting in his car and told Mr. Gudger he would call someone for him, he had to leave. While Mr. Gudger was waiting, the man who pulled the gun pulled up behind him. He called 911 again. Finally an officer came. No report was filed at Kimball. Mr. Gudger filed on with the Marion County. The case has been bound over to grand jury. Mayor Pesnell said he would look into the matter.


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