Letter to Editor: Nancy Silvertooth — a better alternative on ballot

In 2011 David Alexander made a promise to me and 3 others, including an ex-Chairman of the Moore County Republican Party. He promised he would sponsor enabling legislation that would allow voters in Moore County to decide by Referendum whether or not to impose a small Barrel Tax on the Jack Daniel Distillery provided the request came from the Metro Council.. This promise was sealed with a handshake. In April 2011 the Metro Council approved the Request.

Mr. Alexander never put forth the legislation he had promised. Alexander thought the Tax was unconstitutional and asked for an opinion from the state Attorney General.  The AG ruled it was constitutional and found the Tax to be justified.

Immediately after the AG’s opinion Alexander did not advise the Council Chairman, but instead high tailed it to Lynchburg to advise Jack Daniel management.  Afterwards, Mr. Alexander conducted a lobbying campaign amid ridiculous veiled threats that Jack Daniel could move to another state if this legislation was passed. He lobbied and urged Council members to rescind their Request. The Council initially rejected a motion to rescind at their September meeting. The lobbying continued and the Council rescinded the request at the October meeting.

Moore County now has a major budget shortfall that would not exist had Representative Alexander kept his promise.  Mr. Alexander basically said to Moore County citizens, “I’m going to decide this; I’m smarter than you are”.

A promise with a handshake means something to most Tennesseans.

District 39 voters need a real Representative in the Legislature, not a Jack Daniel Lobbyist. Voters now have the opportunity to decide Yes or No on Mr. Alexander’s re-election.

There is an alternative candidate on the ballot. Nancy Silvertooth.

Charles J. Rogers

Tullahoma, TN


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