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SPHS football player released from Alabama jail Thursday related to June incident; now under house arrest in Alabama

3881513_6f1b3677bf524d09aa2d0e0f2bca0ed0An update on a story we brought you earlier, South Pittsburg Pirate football #17 wide receiver, Dylan McQueen, was released Thursday after serving three days in jail.

As conditions of his release; however, he must stay with his mother in Jackson County, Alabama, where he will be placed under house arrest and must wear an ankle monitor.

In an interview with WTVC-TV (bit.ly/2ekm2cF), McQueen said it felt good to be released, but stated that he’d like to go back to South Pittsburg where his actual home is now instead of being in Scottsboro.

McQueen’s hearing will continue Monday, October 31.

After being bonded out after the incident in June, the judge in Alabama requested that he move to an alternative school and not go back to the school in Alabama where he played football. It was a few months later when his mother decided to move to Tennessee so he could go to South Pittsburg and play football. But, contrary to what his mother thought — authorities now say that was not okay.

His mother, Donna McQueen, says she didn’t want her son in an alternative school for his senior year.

McQueen said she [recently] asked her son’s probation officer if they could move across state lines to South Pittsburg so he could play football again, but she says when the court found out they moved states — they wanted them to come back to Alabama.

She tried to argue her side.

McQueen says she filed paperwork this past Friday for a motion for judge to look at additional information. It was filed last Friday at about 8:30am and by 2pm she had called a hearing. She says she showed up to court alone because Dylan was still in school.

The judge issued a warrant revoking his bond.

McQueen said she took her son to the Jackson County Jail on Monday so he could be turned in, which resulted in the three days in jail.

Before his release on Thursday, teammates, friends, coaches and supporters of the young football standout stood outside of the Jackson County courtroom in a show of their support and hoping he’d be able to play football for the Pirates team once again.

Chattanooga Bishop Kevin Adams came to Jackson County to support the family on Thursday. He believes Dylan’s race might play a factor in all this.

Adams said in an interview with the TV station that, “Walking around I don’t see a whole lot of diversity in this courthouse.”

Authorities say that Dylan must now remain in Jackson County with his mother and he must wear a GPS ankle monitor.

He will be back in court Monday at 1:30pm in Jackson County, with a pre-trial hearing concerning his charges from this past June coming up on November 8th.

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