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Dunlap residents forced to follow mandatory water restrictions

The ongoing drought in Tennessee has put an extreme toll on the Dunlap community’s water supply, forcing mandatory water restrictions within the city.

These restrictions went into effect on Monday morning and will last until further notice.

Officials say the restrictions affect the 2,765 customers who use city water.

Dunlap Mayor Dwain Land says residents will soon receive a notice in the mail that details the new mandatory water restrictions. We’ve obtained a copy of that letter and you can read it here.

“We’re trying to be proactive,” Land said. “We don’t want you watering your lawn, filling your swimming pools up, or washing your car.”

The city’s water shortage/drought management plan includes restrictions prohibiting the washing of sidewalks, driveways, parking areas and other hard surfaces by commercial, industrial, or residential customers unless for safety or sanitary purposes. Non-commercial washing of privately owned vehicles, trailers and boats is also prohibited. Use of water for dust control, construction compaction, firefighter training, and residential watering of trees, shrubs, lawns or flower gardens is also on the list of prohibited activities as well as watering of golf course fairways and all non-state-mandated line flushing by utilities and fire departments.

Restrictions are a bit lighter for commercial nurseries and those growing a vegetable garden. The plan asks for absolute minimum usage to keep plants alive. Watering of golf course tees and greens can only take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays between 12:01am and 5:00am, and ball fields may only be watered three days per week for no more than 5 hours per day.

Officials say that failure to comply with the plan will result in warnings or termination of services with reconnection fees applied.

The city’s water supply comes from the Sequatchie river, which is running low thanks to the drought.

State and local officials decided the next best plan of action is to build an emergency levee. Construction on the project begins next week.

Officials said it’s imperative that residents follow the restrictions — until mother nature decides to cooperate with rain.


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