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Name released in officer-involved shooting incident

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation  (TBI) has released the name of the suspect killed in an officer-involved shooting on Tuesday evening in Whiteside, Tenn.

A spokesperson for the TBI says the suspect was 59-year-old William John Berner, who died from unknown injuries after a crash on Highway 134 near Whiteside Loop.

Marion County deputies fired shots at Berner as he sped toward them in a pickup truck late Tuesday afternoon. Officials say the truck kept moving for short distance before the crash occurred on Hwy. 134 near the railroad bridge as it passes over the highway and I-24.

Berner was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities say it’s still unclear whether he died as a result of the crash or from a gunshot wound.

His cause of death is still under investigation. Stay with us for the latest information.

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