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Jackson Co., AL resident Irene Christopher celebrates 100th Birthday last Friday

Ms. Irene Christopher

Ms. Irene Christopher

Any birthday is special…but a 100th birthday is definitely a milestone. And that’s true for one Alabama woman who just celebrated her 100th with friends and family in Jackson County.

During an interview with Ms. Irene Christopher, as we prepare for her 100th birthday celebration, Ms. Christopher shared stories of her wedding, children, and grandchildren.    She chuckles while speaking and reaches to her side and brings out a pack of Smarties candies.

Ms. Christopher loves Smarties, but remembers enjoying almost every kind of candy. She tells of getting 5 cent candy sticks and packs of chewing gum when she was a child.  She also remembers being excited about getting a box of Cracker Jacks, wanting to see what prize was inside.

Ms. Christopher states she grew up in a happy, peaceful home on the DeKalb & Jackson Co. line, not too far from Georgia. She states she never heard a racket out of her parents.  That is what she prayed for, a peaceful home.  She gives God credit for giving her that; and, keeping her on the right path.  She married in 1931 at 16 years of age.  She states, “No better husband could be found anywhere.”

The Christopher’s worked hard, raised their children, enjoyed their grandchildren, and now her great-grandchildren.

Ms. Christopher states she is proud to turn 100 in a way, “But, I wish I wasn’t that old!”  She advises young families, “Live a good life together and you will have a good marriage.”


— Contributed by: Tracie Bynum, Jackson Co. Health Care Authority…

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