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Kimball Board of Mayor & Alderman Meeting Recap for Feb. 2017

Here’s a recap of the Kimball Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting for February 2017… You can watch the re-play of this and other local area meetings Saturdays on KWN-TV on Charter channel 195 in Marion County.

Meeting called to order:

After prayer, pledge to flag, roll call, and approval of January meeting minutes…
Meeting Business:
  • Resolution 2017-01 is the Town of Kimball supporting a Community Development Block grant application for the City of South Pittsburg to apply for to do Water System Improvements. South Pittsburg wants to put another water line into Kimball because there is only one. Alderman Matthews ask why did it go up from $47,000 to $68,000. Material increase is why. This is a matching grant and Kimball will be putting up the match. After much discussion vote was 3 for and 2 against.
  • Approved to split the cost of a Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool with South Pittsburg, Jasper, and Sewanee. Kimball’s cost is $6,250.
  • Alderman Payne said the town is experiencing issues with the sewer pumps at its main lift station near the Hampton Inn on U.S. Highway 2. One pump was removed because it was only moving around 68 gallons per minute, and the other is barely above half of normal capacity. Maintenance supervisor Mike Nelson said a pump should be at about 300 gallons per minute. The town didn’t buy the first two pumps that were installed in the new system in 2012, according to Mayor Rex Pesnell. Hampton Inn, which built at the site was required to make that purchase because it was necessary to relocate the existing pump station. Nelson said those pumps were discontinued in 2013 due to problems. The Town purchased a new pump in 2015 for $13,070 from Carolina Pumpworks, which was apparently obsolete when purchased. The company offered to sell two of the upgraded pumps Kimball needs for $13,780 — just over what they previously paid for one and the company assured Nelson there won’t be any changes to the model which will include a 5-year warranty. Mayor Pesnell said the board needed to act on an “emergency purchase” of the needed equipment and encouraged its members to approve up to $15,000 for the purchase to cover shipping and other related costs. The vote was unanimously approved.
  • Approved to donate $250 to Siege of Bridgeport reenactment.
  • Richard Hardy Memorial School asked for a donation for their baseball — Approved $300.
  • Approved to continue with the Jere Davis Scholarship. This is for $1,000 and awarded to a senior from each county school. Also approved to appoint a local committee to oversee this scholarship.
  • Approved to continue AirMed Care for the Town of Kimball.
  • Approved to keep paying for AirMed Care for the employees of the Town of Kimball.
  • Appoint 3 doctors for the Panel of Doctors for the Town of Kimball. Approved to appoint Dr. Dennis Leonard, Dr. Rory Justo and Dr. Karen Boeck.
  • Mayor Presnell and Vice-Mayor Case had hired 2 part-time police officers during an emergency when Officers Wampler was hurt in an accident and could not work. Alderman Sisk stated he was not aware of anyone being hired. Vice Mayor Case said the Town had to have 2 people and their pay would be $15.00 per hour.  — Approved.
  • Accepted proposal from Darrell and Amy Layne to operate the concession stand at the Park this summer from March 1 to Dec. 1, 2017.
  • The Limited English Proficiency Policy for the Town of Kimball was approved.
  • A new tournament contract form was drawn up by the Attorney for the park. Anyone having tournaments at the park will have to pay a deposit of $150. Form approved.
  • Approved to pay Chattanooga Tractor and Equipment $2781.66 for work done on 4630 tractor.
  • Approved to pay McKamey Landscaping $8314 for landscaping around town sign, municipal building, and the garden island near the building.
  • Approved to pay Southeast Diesel, Inc.$6538.96 for work on F-350.
  • Police Report given by Vice-Mayor Case
  • Fire Report by Alderman Sisk
  • Park Board Report by Alderman Matthews
  • Planning Commission Report by Vice-Mayor Case
  • Sewer Report by Alderman Payne.
  • Attorney Report by Attorney Gouger
Reported by: Shelia Kennedy.


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