Lookout Winery celebrates “National Drink Wine Day” on Saturday

12.38 DRINK LookoutIf you haven’t visited the folks at Lookout Winery & Wood Oven Pizza in Guild, TN (Haletown) yet, this weekend sure seems like a great time to make that first visit as the winery and restaurant hosts “National Drink Wine Day” on Saturday, February 18th, 2017.

As if any true wine connoisseurs need a “holiday” to make the case for a good glass of their favorite wine — or maybe a new favorite, but this event is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house now that football is over and shake off those winter blues and have an enjoyable dining experience at this great local venue.

While many think of wine tasting as a stressful experience…one where you question whether or not you look like you know what you’re doing or even if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll like what you sample, Lookout Winery owner Chuck Bordogna says it shouldn’t be like that… “It’s not about being a wine snob, it’s all about what you like.”

The comfortable atmosphere welcomes you to try new wines…some you wouldn’t normally consider, like one favorite of many patrons — Buttery Chardonnay.  Combine these great wines with imported cheeses on their delicious made-from-scratch Napoli style pizzas and it’s absolute perfection in what was already an otherwise perfect meal.

And to add to the appeal, the winery has their handcrafted wines perfectly paired with their various and savory pizza pies!

The Bordogna Family has been perfecting wine since their time in Italy, before WWI gained owner Chuck Bordogna’s grandfather citizenship in America. “We make it the Italian way, the natural way; with gravity,” Chuck says. “You can’t have a true Italian experience if the wine isn’t made like they do in Italy.”

oThe Lookout Winery experience is all about just that…the experience. And it’s guaranteed to be a special experience, too! Aside from the great handcrafted wines and the aroma of the fresh, made-from-scratch pizzas cooking in their wood-fired oven, the views from the winery overlooking the Tennessee River at Nickajack Lake add even more to the sensory experience — especially while viewing a breath-taking sunset from their balcony in the evenings.

So this weekend, treat your sense of taste to a great experience at Lookout Winery for a true Italian atmosphere for National Drink Wine Day. You won’t be disappointed!

Lookout Winery & Wood Oven Pizza is open Tuesday through Sunday 11 am until 8 pm Central Time at 11848 US Hwy 41 in Guild, TN, and they now serve breakfast pies on Sunday and offer delivery in a limited area.

Call for more information at 423-939-9334 or visit their website at www.lookoutwinery.com for more information and the latest updates.



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