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Powell’s Crossroads called meeting turns heated over park funding discussions

The City of Powell’s Crossroads in Marion County recently held two meetings for the month of February. One was a special called meeting of the City and Park Board on February 9th. The regular monthly meeting was held on Thursday, February 16th, 2017…

At the called meeting on 2/9/17, the meeting started as a city meeting but quickly turned into a Park Board meeting. Five members of the Park Board were present and President Dennis Floyd questioned several things that the commission was currently doing — including hiring a new Director of the park, which costs the city $200 per month.

The discussion between Floyd and City Recorder, Judy Condra, became quite heated which resulted in Floyd being escorted out of the meeting and subsequently resigning from the position of Park Board President.

Newly-hired Park Director, Luther Barnes, also resigned at this time, leaving the remaining park board members with many questions for the city on how the park’s funds are handled. Those questions would have to wait as the meeting was promptly adjourned with further discussions tabled for a later meeting in light of the night’s events.

We’ve learned that following the meeting Powell’s Crossroads Mayor, Barry Elsea, asked Barnes to return to the Park Director position, which he accepted.

At the regular city meeting the following week, Barnes was present to give the Park report and the commission opened discussions of accepting bids for needed baseball dugout repairs following previous storm damage.

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