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Tracking showers and storms for Tues., March 7th 2017…

Updated: 3/7/17 @1:39pm CST

Showers and thunderstorms are beginning to move into the Marion County area now, as the leading edge of the main line extends from the North of Dunlap in Bledsoe County — South into Alabama below Birmingham. That leading edge now extends into Grundy County around Tracy City and into the Monteagle area of Marion County. Heavy showers, thunder and lightning, and gusty winds are being reported along that line. No severe threat exists in our area at this time. We will keep you updated here!

Updated Radar: 1:39pm CST

Updated Radar: 1:39pm CST


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Another round of much-needed rain is falling across the Marion County area today; however, with the rain comes the some possible thunderstorms this afternoon. The good news is we do not expect these storms to be severe, but will continue watching them as always. Here’s an idea of what to expect throughout the rest of your day…


A midday line of showers and storms is already starting to move in from our West. The heaviest line of storms is expected to impact the Cumberland Plateau around or shortly after 1pm CST. That same bulk of widespread rain and a few storms will move through the Chattanooga area between 3-5pm EST, so be aware that you probably face a wet afternoon commute in Chattanooga this afternoon. Drive safely, allow yourself extra time, and leave plenty of space between the car in front of you as roads will be very wet. Most of us will see a good, steady, solid rain for the afternoon; heavy at some times. As the rain moves further to our East it will begin to slow down with rain ending area wide by 6 or 7pm this evening locally.

Again, we don’t expect much in the way of severe weather from these storms and they should stay below severe limits as they move through our area this afternoon. Our main threats include some gusty winds on the leading edge of the main line of the storms as they roll through. Heavy rain will likely cause excessive runoff on some roads, so use extra care and take precautions when driving — especially in areas notorious for such and around the school zones this afternoon.  So while you’re definitely going to hear some thunder and ssee lightning, the risk for strong or severe storms does remain low.  We’ll continue to monitor the weather and keep you updated with the latest here at MarionCountyMessenger.com!




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