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Gas prices continue to climb across the Sequatchie Valley area

For the second week in a row, area gas prices have taken another major jump upwards.

According to the website GasBuddy.com, last week’s prices across the Chattanooga area rose 5.8 cents a gallon pushing the average price for a gallon of gas to $2.10.

Not only did those prices go up locally, but they also rose about 5.7 cents nationally.

Analysts say that all but two states saw these increases and while it’s completely seasonal in nature, it’s not something motorists want to see.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com, says oil now stands at $5 per barrel higher than just a few weeks ago and that’s the main culprit for the rising prices. Many areas are also nearing completion of the transition to summer gasoline, and with it comes a complex list of various summer blends of gasoline that cause us to pay more each and every spring. In addition, with the situation in Syria, there is a rising risk of more heat between some of the world’s largest oil producers, causing concern in oil markets which could be a slight contribution to higher prices.

According to GasBuddy.com, you can still find two holdouts to the $2.00+/gallon gas around our area… at the Circle K on Signal Mountain Road and Mountain Creek.

The Circle K / BP at 4919 Main Street in Jasper reported $1.97/gal just this morning and the Circle K on Signal Mountain Road and Mountain Creek also had gas under $2/gallon at $1.95/gal this morning. Grab it while it lasts!

Other prices in the Marion County area include… $2.12/gal at the Hi-Tech on TN-28 near I-24, $2.14/gal at the Mapco just off TN-28 across from Parkridge West Hospital, and $2.15/gal at the Love’s on TVA Road in Jasper.

Other than the Circle K/ / BP in Jasper you can find prices at $2.12/gal at the Hi-Tech on TN-28 near I-24, $2.14/gal at the Mapco just off TN-28 across from Parkridge West Hospital, and $2.15/gal at the Love’s on TVA Road in Jasper.

Your cheapest prices in South Pittsburg seem to be Rudder’s Market in Richard City and Lottery Food Mart at 2021 S. Cedar Avenue, both reported at $2.03/gal on Sunday. The Kanku at Cedar Ave. and 1st Street was $2.14/gal with the same at the BP at S. Cedar and 12th. Andy’s Market on Cedar between Kimball and TN-156 was at $2.15/gal last night.

In Kimball, RaceWay was at $2.19/gal while the Shell (Daily’s) was $2.25/gal. Whitwell’s RaceWay had prices set last night at $2.18/gal.

Monteagle’s Pilot on Dixie Lee Avenue reported $2.09/gal yesterday while other locations in that area were all around $2.12 to $2.24 at another.

In Dunlap, the BP at Rankin Ave. and TN-111 is your best bet today reporting $2.04/gal earlier. Murphy USA at the Walmart on Rankin Avenue showed $2.04/gal on Sunday.

The cheapest gas in northwest Georgia today is $2.05 at the Costco off Cloud Springs Road. Other than that, here is the best you’ll find is about $2.14 Dalton, and  $2.15 in Trenton and Ringgold, $2.17 Ft. Oglethorpe, and $2.19 LaFayette. Wildwood gas station prices were all averaging $2.19/gal earlier this morning.

In Northeast Alabama, the prices are much the same. Big Daddy’s Outdoors off US-72 near the state line in Bridgeport had prices at $2.16/gal on Sunday. In Stevenson, the Texaco on US-72 and County Road 42 was priced at $2.14/gal Sunday, while Scottsboro saw the lowest prices in Jackson County that we could find at $2.08/gal at the SoJo on Ridgedale Road and E. Willow Street. Jet-Pep on US-72 was $2.09/gal with the same price at other Scottsboro Jet-Pep locations and at the Circle K.

Prices and Information from GasBuddy.com

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