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Grundy Sheriff warns of phone scam

Officials with the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office is warning the community about a phone scam that’s making it’s way around the community.

They say residents have reported several calls from a ‘217’ area code phone number that where the caller says they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest.

They say the scammer says “The only way to avoid jail time is to pay a fee over the phone.”

Grundy County Deputies say that you should NOT give them any personal information or money of any kind and ask you to hang up the phone immediately.

Deputies say if there’s an actual warrant for your arrest, they’ll make a visit in person — and no calls will be made first.

Local officials in Marion County say to be advised the same is true locally. Marion County Sheriff’s Department deputies will not call you regarding a warrant, but will instead show up at your residence or other known locations regarding such a matter.

Any phone calls you receive like this are most likely a scam. If in doubt, hang up, and call your local Sheriff’s Office.

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