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Maddux announces candidacy for US Congress 4th District of Tennessee

Jack Maddux seeks Republican nomination for TN’s 4th District US Congressional seat for 2018

Cleveland, Tenn. — Navy Veteran, former police officer and local business manager, Jack Maddux, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to the United States Congress District 4 of Tennessee. The announcement took place on Tuesday evening, April 4th, 2017 at at the Mountain View Inn, 2400 Executive Park NW, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Maddux is a longtime resident of Tennessee and currently resides in Cleveland.  He graduated summa cum laude from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee.  He served honorably in the United States Navy and later as a police officer.  During his career in law enforcement, he received several commendations for his efforts in combating crime in our communities.  He is a Christian and strong Constitutional conservative who remains active in local community projects and his local church.

“Tennesseans have fallen victim to Congress’ inability to function.  They are being financially burdened with the out of control costs of health care. The education of our children is being dictated by Washington bureaucrats that lack the conservative values of Tennesseans. Hard working people here in Tennessee have seen jobs disappear, while worrying about the safety of our nation due to a broken immigration system,” said Maddux.


“The President has set forth a bold agenda designed around results.  The people of Tennessee understand the value of hard work and the accomplishments that can be achieved as a result.

  Jack Maddux is running for Congress because he wants to carry that principle to Washington D.C.  The pentacle of our government is the power bestowed upon it by the people.  Jack Maddux will restore the people to the heart of our great democracy once again.”

“My experience in the Navy,  law enforcement and business has bettered prepared me to take action on the issues facing America and Tennessee.  Scott Desjarlais has become too comfortable with Washington D.C.  I will work hard to be an outspoken voice of the people of Tennessee and remain focused on results, not complacency. I hope that you will join me on this campaign to once again put People First!” Maddux concludes.

The seat is currently held by Republican Dr. Scott DesJarlais of South Pittsburg, TN, who assumed the office in January 2011. The next election for the 4th District seat will be in 2018.



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