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Marion County Commission Meeting Recap

A few of the business items covered at the recent meeting of the Marion County Commission:
  • Appointment of Phillip Smith to fill the seat vacated by Wayne Willis (District 1, Seat A) — Approved.
  • Smith was sworn-in by County Mayor David Jackson.
  • Resolution for Litter grant — Approved.
  • Contract bids for the Marion County Institute for Higher Learning/Chattanooga State Phase 2 were opened on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017… The low bid was from Evans-Ailey Construction Company of Clinton, TN. Their base bid was $3,463,000 with an alternate totaling $3,485,300. Four other bids that were opened were higher. Mayor Jackson said the company has good references. The commission approved to award the contract to Evans-Ailey Construction Company.
  • Mayor says even with grants and money that was set aside for the Chattanooga State Phase 2, the County is still short $452,870… The Mayor made a motion that $475,000 be taken from General Fund to cover that amount. — Approved.
  • Commissioner Don Atkinson of the Finance Committee said no action is being taken at this time on the property tax freeze.
  • Mayor Jackson says the City of Whitwell received a $163,000 grant in 2014 to run sewer to the Valley View Industrial site and the USDA was giving them an $82,000 grant, before learning that the Town of Jasper owned the sewer lines, resulting in Whitwell having to give back the grant. The USDA said no to the $82,000 grant citing that Jasper is in good financial status. USDA is now giving $50,000 in grant money, along with $21,000 from the City of Whitwell, $20,000 from Dwight Bryant (of Prologue), $21,000 from the Town of Jasper…in an effort to complete the sewer. This leaves a $34,000 shortfall, of which the Mayor asked to be taken from the Infrastructure Fund. — Approved.
  • Marion County budget amendments — Approved.
  • Marion County Highway Department budget amendments  — Approved.
  • Mayor Jackson discussed the costs associated with scanning and digitally archiving old documents in the Mayor’s Office in order to save space. The cost was $23,000 for the software and $42,000 to pay for someone to do it. He suggested for all departments to start scanning and saving now for future thought.
  • Notaries approved.
  • Bobby Miller of the POW Veterans of Marion County awarded a plaque to the Commission for all they’ve done locally for veterans.
  • Adjourned

For more from each month’s county and city meetings, be sure to watch for local meetings Saturday mornings on KWN-TV at Charter channel 195 in Marion County, Northwest Georgia, and Northeast Alabama.




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