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SVEC warns members of ongoing scam targeting locals

Officials with the Sequachee Valley Electrical Cooperative want to warn their members that scammers are back at it again targeting utility customers in our area.

They say several small businesses in the area recently reported receiving phone calls where the scammer warns that the SVEC will disconnect the member’s electrical service if they fail to make a payment — usually within a short time frame via prepaid debit or credit card.

SVEC officials say they will NOT call members with threats of immediate disconnection nor will they demand payment over the phone. While SVEC does make automated courtesy calls to remind a member if a payment has not been made, it’s up to the member to initiate or make the call to the Cooperative to pay a bill.

The phone scammers have pretty convincing ways to trick their prey…using rigged or spoofed caller ID delivery methods to make the call look official, but officials with SVEC say when the demands for immediate or prompt phone payments are requested by someone claiming to be a representative of the Cooperative, it’s a scam!

Officials ask that if you have been called by someone claiming to be a SVEC representative and they demanded a payment or threatened disconnection of service, call them immediately at 423-837-5033 or call 1-800-923-2203, extension 5033.

They also ask for you to share this information with other friends, family members, neighbors, and especially those who aren’t on social media or the Internet to help them be aware of this scam.


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