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Congressman Scott DesJarlais votes against Omnibus Funding Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Today, after voting against the Consolidated Appropriations Act (H.R. 244), a bill to fund the federal government until the end of September, Congressman Scott DesJarlais, M.D., issued the following statement:

“With control of the House, Senate and White House, Republicans have an historic opportunity to enact conservative reforms, but surrendered to Democrats’ shutdown threats, setting a bad precedent that reinforces the status quo. Just months ago, Americans rejected it in a sweeping election. Now is the time to keep our promises, not later, when the opposition will make the same threats, and the new Congress will soon be the old Congress. We don’t have time to waste, the reason I could not vote for this half measure. The President deserves better from Congress. Tennesseans expect more.”

Rep. DesJarlais represents Tennessee’s Fourth District and is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, which supports open, accountable and limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law.

The House sent the five-month, $1.2 trillion spending bill over to the Senate on Wednesday, moving it another step closer to President Donald Trump’s desk before funding runs dry at midnight Friday.

The omnibus funding package was passed 309-118 in a bipartisan fashion, with a majority of Republicans supporting the bill, but 103 GOP members voting “no.”

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