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Dunlap authorities warn residents of counterfeit money being passed around city

Dunlap, Tenn. — Police in Dunlap are sending a warning out to their community regarding fake money that’s being passed off at local stores.

The police department says they’ve received at least four reports of these counterfeit notes being used locally. They say that most of the bills reported have been 20s, with a fake 10-dollar bill being used in one case.

They say the fake currency is very obvious, with blurred print and even the texture of the bill being ‘off’ from what you expect with a legitimate greenback.

Authorities ask that if anyone has any information about this case or if you suspect you’ve been given or paid with counterfeit money to contact the Dunlap Police Department at 423-949-3319.

They also warn residents in nearby areas to be on the lookout for fake bills as the money has potential to travel. If you think you’ve been given fake currency they say to contact your local authorities.

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