Jasper City Meeting for May 2017 recap

Here’s a recap of the Jasper City Meeting held for May 2017… You can watch the replay of this meeting and several other area city and county meetings Saturday mornings on KWN-TV on Charter channel 195 in Marion County…

Meeting called to order…

After prayer, pledge to flag, and approval of April meeting minutes…

Beer Board:

  • Approved ownership/name change for beer license of Kangaroo to Circle K.

Meeting Business:

  • Approval to purchase SL-RAT (sewer equipment) in conjunction with South Pittsburg, Kimball and Sewanee. Each city to pay $6,246.25 each.
  • Judy Blevins, the Administrative Assistant with the Marion County Chamber of Commerce, presented a program on litter cleanup in Marion County. She has asked each city for help with the project in their own areas. The Chamber has five $400 grants available to groups, churches, or organizations that would like to help. Those interested can apply at the Chamber office on Betsy Pack Drive. Blevins said they went to area daycares and elementary schools about the problem and spoke with the children. Mayor Evans suggested they should go to the high school, since litter seems to be a problem there. Jasper Police Chief Billy Mason said that anyone picking up litter should wear gloves for protection and that if anyone came across discarded syringes or needles to contact the Jasper Police to dispose of them properly.
  • Justin Baker of the Jasper Park Board asked the board to put in a basketball court. After much discussion and several discussed on where it should be placed; the board tabled it until June’s meeting so further study could be done.
  • Bobby Miller with the P.O.W. Veteran’s Memorial Park presented a plaque to the Jasper City board for all they’ve done to help and assist veterans.
  • First reading of Ordinance #376, for restrictions on Pit Bull breed dogs in the Town of Jasper ‘city limits’. The ordinance states: To own a Pit Bull breed dog inside the city limits, the owner must have insurance and the dog has to be registered with the city recorder. Other restrictions include any pen for the dog must have a solid floor or covered 2-ft. into the ground; the pen must also be inspected.  The ordinance passed on first reading. Second reading is set for the June 12th, 2017 meeting. A PUBLIC HEARING will be held before the second reading.
  • Nathan Billingsley resigned from the Jasper Police Department, leaving a vacancy. The board approved to take applications for a certified police officer.
  • Library, Park and Animal, Street and Sanitation, Fire, and Police reports given…
  • Online bill payment for water bills, etc., should be ready by June 1st, 2017, according to board.
  • Commercial tree trimmers should have a business license to work within the city. Also, those working should clean up after cutting down trees. The city will not pick up any brush left behind by commercial tree trimmers.


Reported by: Shelia Kennedy.

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