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South Pittsburg May 2017 City Meeting recap

Here’s a recap of the South Pittsburg City Meeting for February 2017… You can watch the re-play of this and other local city and government meetings Saturdays on KWN-TV on Charter channel 195 in Marion County.

Meeting called to order…

After Call to Order, Pledge to Flag, and prayer…

  • Bobby Miller of the P.O.W. Veteran’s Memorial Park presented Mayor Virgil Holder and the Commission with a plaque for all of their help to area veterans.
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of the April meeting minutes.

Communications from Mayor:

  • Still working on the 2017-2018 budget.
  • The City of South Pittsburg has not been involved with the National Cornbread Festival in years past; however, will be in the future.
  • South Pittsburg’s city pool at Loyd Park to remain closed this summer due to budget cuts.
  • Mayor met with Army Corps of Engineers, TVA, and TDOT to discuss the flooding problem. They will be back in 2-3 months with recommendations.
  • Keith Garth resigned from the South Pittsburg Housing Authority Board. Mayor appointed Tim Hudson to take his place.
  • South Pittsburg fire truck broke down returning from Dunlap recently… Rocky Top Wrecker Service from Monteagle came down to pick it up, repair it, and return it to South Pittsburg. They did not charge the City of South Pittsburg for their services.

Meeting Business:

  • Commissioner Paul Don King says the road at Irondale needs to be assessed and repaired. He also mentioned that the restrooms at the park need to be attended to and kept clean.
  • Commissioner Jimmy Haley questioned the Mayor about how the City credit card is used. Mayor Holder explained the procedure.
  • Judy Blevins, Assistant Administrator of the Marion County Chamber of Commerce presented the Chamber’s litter campaign to the mayor and commission. She asked for the city to help the Chamber with the campaign.
  • Resolution #986 — for the City water intake stabilization project. Bid opening was May 3rd, 2017 and the low-bidder was Armand Construction Company for $269,000. Approved.
  • Gene Vest was nominated for the City Administrator job… Approved.
  • Travis Carter was recommended by Police Chief Ryan Meeks to be hired as a full-time police officer for the city. After much discussion, the vote was 2-3 — Against.
  • Charlie Williams was recommended by Police Chief Ryan Meeks to be hired as a part-time police officer for the city. Approved.
  • Certificate of Deposit at People’s State Bank was tabled.

Citizen Comments:

  • Several citizens made comment and expressed their concerns regarding the public pool not opening this year, asking what the children were supposed to do. The Mayor responded, citing the costs were too high. Citizens questioned Mayor about the increased property tax rate and where that money was going… Mayor retorted with his knowledge that the city had the highest rates in the county, but that they were also $269,000 in the red on the budget last year and in “the red” the year prior, too. He stated that items had to be cut somewhere to balance the budget this year.
  • Citizens made comments about trucks entering and exiting Lodge Manufacturing’s construction site — with concerns ranging from auto accidents involving the trucks to the trucks taking down power lines. Also, concerns with moving a road closed sign and fire trucks not being able to access the road when a trailer was on fire. The Mayor asked Police Chief Meeks to put more patrols on this street.
  • Ms. Carolyn, a former office worker for the City, asked for her job back after being out several months due to illness. When she planned on coming back originally, she received a termination notice. The city attorney explained that she could ask for a vote of the commission to return to work. The vote was Approved.
  • Several citizens made statements about the Cornbread Festival. Opinions and comments varied from good or favorable to bad. Comments also included the situation surrounding parking for the festival. Mayor Holder said that next year the City would be more involved with the National Cornbread Festival.


Reported by: Shelia Kennedy.

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