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Traffic stop on I-24 in Dade Co. on Wednesday leads to two arrests on drug charges

DADE COUNTY, Ga. — On Wednesday evening at approximately 8:35 pm EDT, a traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle due to no headlights on after sunset. The vehicle was stopped on I-24 westbound near the Wildwood exit 169.

After observing several indicators and discrepancies in the driver’s and passenger’s stories, a K9-free air scan was conducted and resulted in a positive alert on the vehicle.

Throughout the search and investigation, approximately 4-ounces of marijuana, marijuana oil, Alprazolam, and other drug-related objects were discovered.

Two subjects were arrested as a result.

Bailey Blythe VanMeter, 19, of Nashville, Tennessee, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana oil, possession of marijuana over 1-ounce, possession of drug-related objects and prescriptions to be kept in original container.

Also arrested was Devin Scott Lunsford, 19, of Franklin, Tennessee, who was charged with possession of marijuana oil.

Information from: WKWN Radio

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