Tractor trailer accident closes I-24 East and causes delays locally

Two tractor-trailers were involved in an accident on I-24 eastbound near the I-59 junction in Dade County on Friday morning just after 6:00 AM CDT.

The accident forced closure the Interstate’s Eastbound lanes, but as of 7:30 AM one lane was re-opened to motorists.

Traffic was re-routed from the Interstate to U.S. Highway 41 through Marion County, making the morning commute for many quite hectic as traffic volumes on local roadways were very heavy.

Reader submitted photo shows accident near I-24/I-59 split Eastbound

The exact cause of accident, which happened during heavy rains early Friday morning across the area, has not yet been determined. Officials say rain and wet roads is the likely cause.

One of the semis spilled it’s cargo load which included boxes of mouthwash on to the roadway.

Officials urge motorists to take their time, slow down, and drive with added care and caution on wet roadways. Also, with the holiday weekend upon us traffic volumes could be higher due to those traveling, so added care and patience is advised.

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