The Big JET-FLI…Flies again with news, weather, and sports radio for Chattanooga area

The Chattanooga region now has a new News/Talk radio station.

The legendary 50,000 watt AM signal in Chattanooga known far and wide as “The Big Jet Fly” is returning to the airways this week with a great variety of news and talk programming. Anyone who grew up in the Tennessee Valley listened to WFLI as a teenager. The station was the Top 40 giant in town and was the leader in the market for 20 years, first going on the air in 1961.

WFLI’s relaunch comes after the long-time owner, Ms. Ying Benns, announced she was retiring earlier this year and signed the station off March 31st. Evan Stone and Marshall Bandy purchased the station with the deal closing last week after the FCC approved the sale. Mr. Stone currently owns and operates 1 AM and 2 FM’s stations, along with a cable TV station in Trenton, Georgia. Marshall Bandy is a practicing attorney in Ringgold, Georgia, and once owned WSGC- Oldies 101.9 FM.

Johnny Eagle, long-time manager and air personality of WFLI in its “hay day,” said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Marshall Bandy and Evan Stone. I am excited about the future of The Big Jet FLI. WFLI is in excellent hands.”

As a News/Talk station, WFLI will give Chattanooga its first full market News-Talk outlet. “The Chattanooga market not only covers Chattanooga, but also includes Cleveland, Dalton, Lafayette, and South Pittsburg. With WFLI’s 50,000 watt signal on AM 1070, it has city grade coverage in a number of cities around the region,” Stone said.

WFLI will have a large variety of news-talk programming featuring shows like “Rick and Bubba,” a top-rated regional show based in the south that Stone believes will fit well in Chattanooga. Other programs include the “Dave Ramsey Show.” Dave features his financial advice and is the Number 3 ranked radio show in the country, heard on over 600 radio stations. Shows also in the lineup will include Eric Metaxas, Laura Ingraham, and Todd Starnes’ new show, recently launched by Fox News.

WFLI AM 1070 will also focus on delivering news, weather and traffic to the region. We will be the only station in the market that provides traffic reports every 10 minutes during WFLI’s Morning News Watch. WFLI will now be the Chattanooga home for Fox News coverage that will be heard twice an hour. WFLI will also feature reports throughout the day from Fox Business.

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WFLI is also building a partnership with WDEF, News 12 Now, to deliver even more regional news and weather coverage. There will be frequent news and weather updates on the station, including breaking news, supplied by News 12 Now.

WFLI will also be introducing new sports programming to the area with one of the region’s most well-known and respected sports voices, Randy Smith. “We’re overly excited that Smith, a sports icon in this market, has agreed to come on board not only with a show but he will be bringing live high school sports broadcasts to the station as well,” Stone said.

Those of you who grew up listening to WFLI as your favorite Top 40 radio station will not be left out. The station plans to air a daily show that will be called “Hits and Headlines,” featuring the day’s top news as well of the many great songs from the 60’s and 70’s first heard in Chattanooga on “The Big Jet-Fli.” The station also intends to air the music from its original format on the weekends.

“We will never abandon the music that WFLI brought to Chattanooga. It is part of the heart and soul of a generation and has the best of memories for those who were blessed to live in the Chattanooga metropolitan area as teenagers in those years. I remember when WFLI came on the air. I was a teenager then and I have those fond memories” said Marshall Bandy. Bandy also adds, “Contrary to present Newstalk and other local commentary, WFLI will be bringing a new type of news-talk to Chattanooga. Its guide is clearly laid out in Ephesians 4:29, which says, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

There will be another noticeable difference to WFLI as it returns to the air as it will have a strong social media presence. You may join WFLI on Facebook at www.facebook/WFLIonline and follow on Twitter @WFLIonline. You may email and soon you will be able to listen to WFLI on your mobile devices by downloading the new WFLI app. Also, be looking for our website, launching soon at

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