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Ongoing investigation in Marion and Grundy Counties leads to more drug arrests

12th Judicial District Drug Task Force announced Wednesday the end of a months-long investigation into the distribution of over 100,000 illegal prescription pills and counterfeit prescription pills containing Fentanyl.

The Drug Task Force worked with the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) and Marion County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit (MCSO) to issue search warrants in Grundy and Marion counties over the past several months.

According to Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum, he says the search warrants allowed law enforcement to seize hundreds of illegal pills, nearly $40,000 in drug-related proceeds, drug transport vehicles, counter-surveillance equipment, and firearms.

Sheriff Shrum says that in April 2017, the GCSO, MCSO, and the Drug Task Force found three drug distribution locations in Marion County.

On July 25th, Sheriff Shrum reported that the GCSO and Drug Task Force performed two searches in Grundy County, leading to the arrests of Anthony Leiderman (aka Jaili Barbee) and Nona Kilgore.

Anthony H. Leiderman

Nona D. Kilgore

Leiderman was arrested at his home on Pickett Lake Road in Coalmont. He was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance for resale, and for resisting arrest. The report says Leiderman tried to flush illegal pills down the toilet when officers arrived, but officers were able to recover some of them.

Nona Kilgore was arrested at her home on SR-56 in Coalmont. She was charged with possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance for resale after officers found hundreds of illegal pills in the house.

Sheriff Shrum stated that between the overdoses and addictions, there is no telling how [many] lives have been ruined by the sell and consumption of these drugs. Officials with the agencies say this investigation is ongoing and they expect more arrests after evidence is presented to a Grand Jury.

Marion County Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnett says,  “This investigation was aimed at slowing down the flow of illegal pills into our communities and that the people who traffic these large volume of pills are one of the reasons why the opioid epidemic is so bad all across this country.”

Bledsoe, Franklin, Grundy, Marion, Rhea, and Sequatchie counties are in the 12th Judicial District Drug Task Force’s jurisdiction.

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