Bridgeport Depot Museum Celebrates Depot’s 100th Anniversary

The museum now open at the depot now preserves the ample history of Bridgeport, Alabama including Native American artifacts, several battles from the Civil War, a boom in the 1890s and historical events… (Photo: Brian Stansberry/Wikipedia)

A celebration of this 100th year anniversary will happen from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, October 28th at the Bridgeport Depot Museum in Bridgeport, Alabama. This event, endorsed by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, will introduce many to the Bridgeport Depot Museum and local places of interest.

A brief opening ceremony followed by a reception with cake and punch will kick off a day of festivities.

Throughout the day there will be guided tours of the museum and talks by scholars on the Civil War sites and battles around Bridgeport, the history of area Native Americans, and the impact of the rail way and river on the development of this region.

Guided tours with transportation will depart the depot from 11 am to 2 pm for Civil War sites, the scenic walking bridge spanning the Tennessee River, and Russell Cave National Monument where remains dated more than eight thousand years ago are on exhibit.

Events for children include a scavenger hunt and face painting. All of this plus music, food trucks, arts, and crafts.

Come visit Bridgeport and relish the natural beauty of the northeast corner of the state while learning a bit of area history and enjoying the warn hospitality of the people.

Call 256-495-4020 for additional information.

For more information on the museum’s operating hours and exhibits, visit

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