TBI investigating case of police brutality in South Pittsburg


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is investigating an apparent case of police brutality that happened over the weekend in South Pittsburg.

According to reports, the incident involves the South Pittsburg Police Department and an officer has been accused of kicking a man in the face during a weekend arrest.

One of the officers involved has been identified by city officials as Josh Chance.

The alleged victim in the incident, Gary King, was arrested on several charges including reckless endangerment and resisting arrest. He remained in custody at the Marion County Jail for several days following his arrest.

King says the incident happened early Saturday morning when he woke up to lasers being shined through his window. He says after his dogs started barking, he went outside with a gun and fired shots to scare off any trespassers.

King believes his neighbors called the police after hearing gunfire.

King says officers arrived shortly after. On his home surveillance video, you can see an officer throw him to the ground and appear to kick him in the head.


Video surveillance from scene of incident provided by reader via Facebook…


City Administrator, Gene Vess, says Officer Chance has been placed on administrative leave until the TBI investigation is complete. He says Chance was also injured in the incident and will require surgery on his leg as a result.

We’ve reached out to the local police department for comment and they referred us to the TBI. The TBI says no further information is available and the investigation is ongoing.

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