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Jasper Highlands celebrates new fire station with ribbon-cutting event

KIMBALL, Tenn. — Jasper Highlands, owned by Thunder Enterprises, recently constructed a new 3,700 square foot fire station for the Southeast Tennessee mountaintop community. First responders, elected officials and community members gathered last Saturday, Nov. 4 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and exclusive tours of the facility.

“Thank you to all of the volunteers who take time out of their lives to serve on the volunteer fire department,” said Marion County Mayor David Jackson. “To all of you who have moved here, you have been great for this county and we welcome you.  John, thank you for what you and this development have done for Marion County.”

JHFD members, Jasper Highlands developers and county leaders gathered for the fire hall’s ribbon cutting on Nov. 4th, 2017… (Photo: Contributed Photo)

Developer John Thornton, the Jasper Highlands Volunteer Fire Department (JHFD) and Jasper Highlands Development partnered to construct a $500,000 improvement project that included the fire station and a community center inside Jasper Highlands’ community green space called Inspiration Park.

“Day in and day out the JHFD volunteer firefighters protect our homes and our entire community,” said Thornton, owner and developer of Jasper Highlands and CEO of Thunder Enterprises. “The development of this fire station has been a goal for our community for quite some time, and we are proud to have the opportunity to provide our firefighters with the trucks and equipment they need. The groundbreaking in May marked a successful year of operation for the JHFD, and today, we celebrate and commemorate the incredible work of our firefighters by dedicating this building together.”

In October 2016, the JHFD earned an ISO Class 4 rating, as well the advent of emergency medical services. The top ISO rating and fire department based medical assistance were both the first of their kind in Marion County.

“This project would not have been made possible without the generosity of John Thornton and the devotion of our volunteer firefighters,” said James Wessel, president of the JHFD and a homeowner at Jasper Highlands. “Our team has worked diligently to serve our community, and the new fire station will allow us to keep the citizens of Jasper Highlands safe and secure.”

The fire station features bays for four fire engines, equipment storage and room to facilitate various training opportunities. It also includes a community room to serve as a welcoming forum and meeting place for residents seeking to become involved in the department. The JHFD purchased a wildland fire vehicle to expand protection services on Jasper Highlands from grass and wildland fires. The JHFD will receive additional training on wildland fire suppression and offer prevention classes to the community.

For more information about the JHFD and Jasper Highlands, visit www.TNLand.com or follow Jasper Highlands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Jasper Highlands: Jasper Highlands is a private community in southeast Tennessee located on the top of Jasper Mountain, overlooking the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee River and Nickajack Lake. Miles of nature trails filled with wildlife, waterfalls and spectacular views run through the scenic landscape. Thunder Enterprises, the development company behind Jasper Highlands, is staying true to their green efforts by conserving a large portion of the 13.75 square mile mountaintop land for hiking trails, parks and nature sanctuaries. Located within 25 minutes of downtown Chattanooga and within six minutes of grocery, hardware and other retail outlets, Jasper Highlands offers residents all the benefits of a scenic escape along with an easy daily commute. For more information about Jasper Highlands, contact 1-888-777-5758 or visit http://www.tnland.com/jasper/ … Developer, Thunder Enterprises, located in Kimball, Tennessee, is a developer of fine homes and master-planned communities in Tennessee, Wyoming, Montana, North Carolina and Hawaii. Since 1991, Thunder Enterprises has been a premier property real estate developer involved in many local and regional projects.


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