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Recap of Marion County Commission Meeting for November 2017

Here’s a recap of some of the items covered at the August 2017 meeting of the Marion County Commission, held on Monday,  November 27th… Tune in Saturday mornings on KWN-TV (Charter channel 195) to watch your local city, county, and other government meetings in their entirety…

After the call to order, prayer, Pledge to the Flag, roll call, and approval of minutes from the previous meeting…

Meeting Business:
  • Resolution to help SVEC obtain a grant to bring broadband access into the community. — APPROVED
  • Alyssandra Grizenko with Green Stuff has scheduled Jan. 6th and 7th, 2018 to do clean up on Sequatchie Mtn. Road. Needs volunteers and equipment.
  • Landfill employee lease agreement amendment to take out a section of the original agreement about hiring employees. — APPROVED
  • Letter of Agreement with Parkridge Hospital has County being responsible for 50% on inmate healthcare. — APPROVED
  • A small parcel of land on Sequatchie Mtn. owned by Wilhill Communications (now owned by CenturyLink) was auctioned off in error by County. It’s a switching station for fiber optics. The error was made in the Assessor’s Office. Tax notices were sent out since 2006 and no one responded. When tax sale came up notice was sent out and no one responded. It was found that the taxes were paid through a different source. The property was sold for $4,600. Need to refund $5,656.90. — APPROVED
  • Change order #2 for Chattanooga State is a decrease of $3,216.25 — APPROVED
  • Change order #3 for Chattanooga State is an increase of $7,500 — APPROVED
  • Delinquent property tax sale purchase for Robert Lane in Kimball to John Mount. — APPROVED
  • Delinquent property tax sale purchase for Goose Pond Road to Robert Ball. — APPROVED
  • Mayor David Jackson asked that Tennessee Agriculture Extension take over the Farmer’s Market. — APPROVED
  • Several residents that live on Aetna Mtn. discussed the safety and access to their property. A fire that occurred two weeks ago left several residents with no way to get off the mountain. Residents say that gates are locked on roads and that the roads are unkept and emergency vehicles can’t get to the residents when needed. County Attorney Gouger says the road is not a county road and they need to talk to the Road Superintendent to determine if it is a private road or not. After around 45 minutes of discussion, no definite decision was made to settle the issue.
  • Road Superintendent Jim Hawk wants to donate a chainsaw to the Mullins Cove Fire Department so they can cut up trees that fall over the road.– APPROVED
Mayor’s Report:
  • Several RFI’s came in and packages were sent out. Some look promising for the county.
  • TDOT was in the county and looked over several roads.
Other Business:
  • Notaries were appointed.
  • Jim Hawks, Road Superintendent, has asked that an old iron bridge that was on Ellis Road be labeled “surplus property”. He has a buyer for it. After much discussion; it was voted in a roll call vote — 11 – NO, 4 – YES.

Meeting Adjourned…

Contributed Report by: Shelia Kennedy.


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