Richard Hardy hosting Thanksgiving Tournament next week

Basketball season is underway and Richard Hardy Memorial School’s teams are ready to go for the season with the upcoming 5th Annual RHMS Thanksgiving Tournament.

It’s five days of basketball, held Thanksgiving week (excluding Thanksgiving Day), on November 20th through 22nd and November 24th & 25th at RHMS.

Here’s the schedule of tourney games (all times Central Standard Time):

Monday, November 20th

4:00 PM – Marion Co. vs. RHMS (girls)

5:30 PM – Meigs Co. vs. Howard (boys)

7:00 PM – Sequatchie Co. vs. Skyline (boys)

Tuesday, November 21st

4:00 PM – Marion Co. vs. Woodville (girls)

5:30 PM – South Pittsburg vs. Sale Creek (girls)

7:00 PM – North Jackson vs. Grundy Co. (girls)

8:30 PM – Richard Hardy vs. Woodville (boys)

Wednesday, November 22nd

10:00 AM – Woodville vs. Tyner (girls)

11:30 AM – Woodville vs. Grundy Co. (boys)

1:00 PM – Silverdale vs. Grundy Co. (girls)

2:30 PM – Silverdale vs. Sequatchie Co. (boys)

4:00 PM – Sequatchie Co. vs. Skyline (girls)

5:30 PM – North Jackson vs. Sale Creek (girls)

7:00 PM – Sale Creek vs. Richard Hardy (boys)

Friday, November 24th

9:00 AM – South Pittsburg vs. Skyline (girls)

10:30 AM – Skyline vs. Meigs Co. (boys)

12:00 PM – Howard vs. Silverdale (boys)

1:30 PM – Richard Hardy vs. Tyner (girls)

3:00 PM – Sequatchie Co. vs. North Jackson (girls)

4:30 PM – Sequatchie Co. vs. McMinn Co. (boys)

6:00 PM – Sale Creek vs. Woodville (boys)

7:30 PM – Woodville vs. Silverdale (girls)

Saturday, November 25th

9:00 AM – Tyner vs. South Pittsburg (girls)

10:30 AM – Meigs Co. vs. Richard Hardy (boys)

12:00 PM – Grundy Co. vs. Silverdale (boys)

1:30 PM – Sale Creek vs. Richard Hardy (girls)

3:00 PM – Silverdale vs. Sequatchie Co. (girls)

4:30 PM – Skyline vs. Sale Creek (boys)

6:00 PM – Skyline vs. Grundy Co. (girls)

7:30 PM – Howard vs. Richard Hardy (boys)

There will be a 10-minute warm-up between each game with only a 7-minute halftime, in order to allow the schedule of games to flow smoothly and stay on-time. If the score results in overtime, it will be a 3-minute period where, if still tied, the teams will play sudden death.

Tickets for the games will be available at the door. More information is available by contacting the school.

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