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“Soft Lockdown” released and “All Clear” given after reports of gun at school in Grundy County

The “all clear” call has been given to schools in Grundy County, Tenn. following the schools entering what they refer to as a “soft lockdown” on Monday morning.

“Information was reported to a principal that a gun was supposedly being brought to school today, but did not say which school,” said Grundy County District Superintendent Jessie Kinsey.

Officials with school system contacted the Sheriff’s Department immediately as the schools followed procedures they have in place for such an event while deputies investigated the situation. It was later determined that there was no gun and no danger to students or faculty.

“All schools have been cleared by the sheriff’s office. All schools executed their safety plan as written. We would like to thank the Grundy County Sheriff’s office for their assistance with investigating this report,” Kinsey said.

All schools were cleared and returned to their normal daily schedules following release of the lockdown.


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