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St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School announces 1st Quarter Honor Roll

SEWANEE, Tenn. — St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School announces the following students from Marion, Franklin, Coffee, and Grundy counties who were named to the Honors Lists for first grading period of the 2017-18 school year.

Overall, 91 students, including 27 boarding and 64 day students, achieved academic distinction for the fourth quarter. Students who earn an average of 93 or above with no grade below 83 are named to the High Honors List for academic achievement. Students with average ranges between 83 and 92 and who have received no grade below 80 are named to the Honors List. Satisfactory completion of afternoon programs is required for students to be eligible for the Honor Roll.


  • Porter Neubauer, Belvidere
  • Hannah Warmbrod, Belvidere
  • Katie Giltner, Manchester
  • Eliot Sain, Manchester
  • Carolyn Bruce, Monteagle
  • Chloe Fontenelle, Monteagle
  • Luciana Mollica, Monteagle
  • Tyeler Rawlins, New Hope
  • Sarah Grace Burns, Sewanee
  • Lucy Carroll, Sewanee
  • Evan Fox, Sewanee
  • Myers Gorrell, Sewanee
  • Harrison Hartman, Sewanee
  • Sophia Hartman, Sewanee
  • Sophia Patterson, Sewanee
  • Genevieve Rogers, Sewanee
  • Justine Rogers, Sewanee
  • Grace Rowell, Sewanee
  • Tessa Shackelford, Sewanee
  • Jack Simons, Sewanee
  • Aidan Smith, Sewanee
  • Izzie Spinelli, Sewanee
  • Curtis Gill, South Pittsburg
  • Gabriel Pongdee, Tracy City
  • Kenan Higgins, Winchester
  • Saje Mangru, Winchester



  • Dustin Stensby, Decherd
  • Cameron Harmon, Estill Springs
  • Steven Anderson, Hillsboro
  • Samuel Sain, Manchester
  • Matthew Mollica, Monteagle
  • Rachel Alvarez, Sewanee
  • Elijah Andrews, Sewanee
  • Cate Bachman, Sewanee
  • Aubrey Black, Sewanee
  • Jenna Black, Sewanee
  • Kate Butler, Sewanee
  • Abi Cassell, Sewanee
  • Blake Drinen, Sewanee
  • John Grammer, Sewanee
  • Peter Haight, Sewanee
  • Larson Heitzenrater, Sewanee
  • J.T. Jenkins, Sewanee
  • Nathan King, Sewanee
  • Zolon Knoll, Sewanee
  • Joe McDonough, Sewanee
  • Daniel McDonough, Sewanee
  • Timothy Nelson, Sewanee
  • Isabella Randolph, Sewanee
  • Mariel Rinck, Sewanee
  • Jimmy Shin, Sewanee
  • David Shipps, Sewanee
  • Sarah Simons, Sewanee
  • Sean Willis, Sewanee
  • Payton Zeitler, Sewanee
  • Sarah Beth Hobby, South Pittsburg
  • Kendale James, Tracy City
  • Ryan Val, Tracy City
  • Catherine Gray, Winchester
  • Reagan Rhoton, Winchester
  • Laurel Wall, Winchester
  • Liesal Wall, Winchester
  • Cameron Weaver, Winchester

ABOUT ST. ANDREW’S-SEWANEE SCHOOL: St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School is a college preparatory boarding and day school in Sewanee, Tennessee.

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