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Whitwell City Meeting Recap for November 2017

Here’s a recap of the Whitwell City Meeting for November 2017. You can watch the replay of this meeting and other local area meetings Saturday mornings on KWN-TV Charter channel 195 in Marion County…

Meeting called to order…

After the prayer, Pledge to Flag, certification of Sunshine Law, roll call, and approval of minutes from October meeting…

Meeting Business:
  • Margaret Hennessee came before the commission to ask that the property where her house burned be rezoned for a single-wide trailer. She said she had no insurance at the time of the fire. Commissioners said that she would be able to place a double-wide trailer there, but not a single-wide. Hennessee said the property was not wide enough for a double-wide trailer. The commission’s decision held, and they said the property could not be rezoned.
  • Friends of the Library asked for a Proclamation for Mrs. Orena Humphreys Day, with a date to be determined later.
  • Cecil Baxter came before the commission to ask what needed to be done in order to annex the Sequatchie Knolls subdivision into the City of Whitwell. He was told that 30 of the 59 residents (homeowners/property owners) would have to request to be annexed.
  • The City of Whitwell did not get the CDBG grant. The board discussed renovating portions of the old elementary school building where the library is currently located. The city is applying for an $85,000 Tennessee Department of Health grant, which will require the city to put money into it as well. The city has already put $83,000 back for the project. It will be used to complete the multi-mobile track.
  • Two other grants were also applied for:
    • Lyndhurst Foundation grant for $20,000; a letter of intent is needed — APPROVED
    • Tennessee State Park grant — a 50/50 matching grant for a project at the park.
  • Lofty Paving Company was the only contractor to turn in a bid for paving work on North Chestnut Street and Incline Road for the amount of $21,740 — APPROVED
  • Budget Amendment — APPROVED
  • Two of the ball fields at the Whitwell City Park needs to be resurfaced at $2,500 each. Commissioners approved to resurface one field for now and for the other to be completed once advertisement signs are sold for the fields.
  • Three neighborhood nuisance properties were mentioned; letters have been sent to the following:
    • 582 N. Oak Street — Robert Adams
    • 165 Apple Street — Anthony Rawlings
    • 156 N. Chestnut Street — Kimberly Best and John Ford



Contributed Report by: Shelia Kennedy.

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