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Facebook is making changes to your News Feed; How to make YOUR “News Feed” work for YOU

Facebook has now changed how it ranks posts, videos and photos that appear in a users’ News Feeds.

This means local news pages (such as our own MarionCountyMessenger.com feeds and others) are becoming less frequent on your timeline in Facebook. It’s due to the recent change in the social network’s algorithm. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg announced the change saying that users will now see more content from friends and family over posts such as news, videos, or posts from brands.

Adam Mosseri, head of the News Feed team for Facebook, told the New York Times that the changes are designed to put what friends and family have to say first. Still, Facebook has reconfigured its math to better guess what you may be the most interested in.

In a company blog, Mosseri said that showing more posts from family and friends “means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers and businesses.”

However, if you’d like to see more local news in your feed and stay better informed about what is happening locally, there’s an easy way to make that happen. Here’s a few easy steps you can follow:

1) On a non-mobile device (i.e. – computer or laptop), open your Facebook page and click on the down-arrow in the upper right hand corner. Select “News Feed Preferences.”

2) A new screen will pop up that will ask you to “prioritize what you see first.”

3) You can then choose which pages you’d like to see more frequently in your News Feed.

Step 1

Step 2

It’s a little different for your mobile device or tablet…

In Step 1, open your Facebook App and select the three bars in the upper right hand corner. Then scroll through until you find “News Feed Preferences.”  Then, follow steps 2 and 3 from above.

These steps may vary slightly depending on your brand of device or device operating system, but this procedure should allow you to see what you want to see more often in your Facebook News Feed.

In the New York Times article, Mosseri added that other posts that your Facebook connections find engaging will still rise to the top.

Facebook says it has always had the policy that “friends and family” come first.

Reported by: Mike Powers

Originally printed in the Mountain Valley Independent at DiscoverDade.com.

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