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Kimball’s air ambulance coverage extended to volunteer firefighters

At the February meeting of the Town of Kimball Board of Mayor and Alderman, the board began discussion of renewing the city’s membership with the AirMedCare Network, the emergency air transport service which covers the cost of emergency air transportation to medical facilities in the provider’s 38-state network area.

Kimball has provided this special coverage for city employees and their families since 2013 and has voted annually to continue providing the coverage.

During the talks, Alderman John Matthews opened the discussion with the board on extending this coverage to volunteer firefighters in the city. Matthews suggested that this would be of benefit should a firefighter go into a house fire or other situation and need to be airlifted out due to an injury.

Currently, The Kimball Volunteer Fire Department has 17 firefighters, three of which are already covered as city employees. They project that extending this coverage to the remaining members of the fire department would only cost the city an estimated $500 to $1,000 annually. The city currently pays around $1,000 each year to cover city employees.

Kimball Fire Chief Jeff Keef said this will come as a benefit to his firemen and he did not have a problem with the board adding the coverage.

The board voted unanimously to extend the coverage to their volunteer firefighters.

Kimball along with the Town of Jasper also pay annually for a site membership that covers all of their town’s residents as long as the flight originates in Marion County.

Residents in these areas and around the county can upgrade to a full membership that will cover emergency flights in AirMedCare’s 38-state network, which includes 230 helicopters and includes Erlanger Health System’s Life Force helicopters. The upgrade costs under $100 per year for a household. Applications and information can be picked up at the City Hall in Jasper and Town Hall in Kimball. You can also signup online at www.airmedcarenetwork.com.



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