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Rep. Scott DesJarlais (TN-04) Presses Colleagues For Stronger Military With Consistent Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At a House Armed Services Committee hearing today, Secretary of Defense James Mattis discussed combat readiness and long-term military strategy with members of Congress.

In his opening remarks, the Secretary focused on budget problems, particularly a series of short-term bills to fund the federal government. “We expect the men and women of our military to be faithful in their service, even when going in harm’s way,” said the retired Marine Corps General. “We must also remain faithful to them. As Speaker [Paul] Ryan said in January, ‘our men and women in uniform are not bargaining chips.’”

Potentially tonight, the House of Representatives will vote on a Continuing Resolution that maintains current spending levels for most domestic programs but fully funds defense this year. The bill would improve troops’ pay, benefits, training, and equipment. Deploying the latest technology would deter U.S. adversaries, explained Congressman Scott DesJarlais, a Committee member who attended today’s hearing.

He emphasized Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, and the continuing danger of Islamic terrorism, urging the Senate to pass defense measures the House has approved numerous times. Senate rules allow a few members to block important votes. Last month, to preserve an Obama-era order granting amnesty to illegal aliens, Minority Leader Charles Schumer led an effort to shut down the government.

“For the sake of political expedience, some are demanding special favors, focused on unrelated issues,” said Rep. Desjarlais (TN-04). “For the sake of national security, we must rebuild our country’s depleted military, as the vast majority of Americans are demanding.”

“The Senate will have the opportunity to fulfill our most important duty, providing for the common defense.”

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