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Does somebody owe YOU money? Millions turned over annually to TN Department of Treasury

Have you ever cancelled a utility service? Have you closed a bank account or left a job? While it doesn’t apply to everyone, often times that utility company will owe you a refund…or your bank account accrued some interest that wasn’t paid-out upon closing. Or maybe the job you left forgot to pay you for unused vacation time. How does this happen, you ask? Easy. Often these things are done following a life change, such as moving or changing addresses and phone numbers leaving the company with no way to contact you.

Each year millions of dollars are turned over to the State of Tennessee by businesses and organizations who cannot locate the owners.  This includes intangible assets such as bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, unclaimed wages, refunds, and even gift certificates.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury has complied an online list of persons owed money. On this website you can find the information regarding Unclaimed Property that you are looking for.

Click here to visit the website or visit http://www.treasury.state.tn.us/unclaim/ for more…

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