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Former Sequatchie County student arrested for making threats against SCHS on Friday

Officials in Sequatchie County say a 19-year-old former Sequatchie County High School student has been arrested following threats he made against the school on Friday causing them to go into lockdown.

According to reports, Zachary Key sent an Instagram message to another student saying he was going to “shoot up the school.” It was, in turn, forwarded to local police and they immediately locked down all three county schools.

Sequatchie County deputies and Dunlap Police rushed to the schools to make sure the suspect wasn’t on the campus. After discovering the campus was clear, they shifted to a soft lockdown as classes resumed but visitors were denied entry to the schools.

Officers found Key around 1:20 PM CST at a local business. He now faces a charge of filing a false report with more charges pending.

Investigators say no evidence of an actual plot to harm anyone was found and say the incident was a hoax.



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