Parkridge Valley West now offering mental health care “Intensive Outpatient Program”

Park Ridge Valley West, a behavioral care facility of Parkridge Valley Hospital, is now offering an “intensive outpatient program” for those needing mental health care, but not necessarily requiring inpatient admission, in the Marion County area.

Sandon Bull, LCSE and Program Coordinator

“This is the first time a mental health program has been offered on an outpatient basis by a hospital in Marion County and the Sequatchie Valley region,” said Parkridge Valley West Outpatient Program Coordinator Sandon Bull, LCSE, a licensed clinical social worker and Marion County native.

“There is a great need for mental health care in our rural areas, and this program helps address that need in an accessible and convenient way for local patients and their families.”

The program, which is located on the Parkridge West Hospital campus in Jasper, addresses the needs of adult patients experiencing mental and behavioral health issues as a result of substance abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, relationship issues and other mental health disorders. The program leverages a number of therapeutic strategies, including individual counseling and group therapy sessions, and patients have access to community resources and inpatient care, if required.

Free mental health assessments are available by appointment, and Parkridge Valley West accepts most major insurances, including TennCare.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately one in five adults in the United States experience mental illness in any given year. Lack of treatment can lead to an increased risk of chronic medical conditions, family disruption and, potentially, self-harm or suicide.

“By offering this outpatient service close to the homes and within the community of our patients, we are able to provide professional mental health care in a confidential, safe and comfortable environment,” said Melissa Arkin, CEO of Parkridge Valley Hospital.

For more information about the Parkridge Valley West intensive outpatient program at Parkridge West Hospital, the facility offers a 24/7 behavioral health helpline at 423-499-2300.

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