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Preparing for Election Day at the Polls on Tuesday

Voters across the state will head to the polls on Tuesday for this year’s county primary elections.

According to the Marion County Election Commission, the county had 15,245 registered voters as of December 2017, and with only a portion of those having taken advantage of early voting, the remaining voters can participate by casting their ballot in their precincts on Tuesday.

You can take a look at the same ballot for Marion County here…or by visiting the Marion County Election Commission website.

There are 17 polling locations in Marion County, all of which will be open from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM CDT.

If you’re unsure of your polling location, the “Go Vote Tennessee” desktop and mobile app can help you search for your specific location based on the address on your voter registration card.

Remember to make sure you have your government-issued photo ID with you when you vote. A driver’s license or passport will work.  You can view a full list of accepted forms of identification on the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security website.

Listed below are the locations of Marion County polling places that will be open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM CDT on Election Day:


South Pittsburg – Dist. 1 Senior Citizens Activity Center 315 Elm Ave., S. Pittsburg, 37380
New Hope – Dist. 1 New Hope Volunteer Fire Dept 2610 Hwy. 156, S. Pittsburg, 37380
Orme – Dist. 1 Orme Community Center/Fire Dept. 796 Orme Rd., S. Pittsburg, 37380
Lodge – Dist. 1 Sweetens Cove Volunteer Fire Dept. 6200 Sweetens Cove Rd., S. Pittsburg, 37380
Monteagle – Dist. 2 Monteagle City Hall 16 Dixie Lee Avenue, Kimball, 37347
Kimball – Dist. 2 Kimball City Hall 649 Main St., Kimball, 37347
Shellmound – Dist. 2 Havrons Chapel United Methodist Church 3267 Shellmound Rd., Jasper, 37347
Haletown-Ladds – Dist. 2 Haletown Volunteer Fire Dept. 337 Hales Bar Rd., Guild, 37340
Jasper – Dist. 3 Richard K. Lawson Building 300 Ridley Ave., Jasper, 37347
Foster Falls – Dist. 4 Foster Falls Community Center 8484 Hwy. 150, Sequatchie, 37347
Whitwell Mtn. – Dist. 4 Whitwell Mtn. Volunteer Fire Dept. 7395 Hwy. 108, Whitwell, 37397
Sequatchie – Dist. 4 Sequatchie Volunteer Fire Dept. 184 Handle Street, Sequatchie, 37347
Waldens Ridge – Dist. 4 Suck Creek Mtn. Volunteer Fire Dept. 5695 Hwy. 27, Chattanooga, 37405
Elder Mtn. – Dist. 2 Elder Mtn. Volunteer Fire Dept. 930 Cumberland Rd., Chattanooga, 37405
River Canyon – Dist. 4 Stanley Independent Baptist Church 20085 River Canyon Rd., Chattanooga, 37419
Whitwell – Dist. 5 Whitwell First Baptist Church 1970 N Main St., Whitwell, 37397
Powells Crossroads – Dist. 5 Crossroads Volunteer Fire Dept. 140 Alvin York Hwy., Whitwell, 37397

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